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Give Value Or Give Notice

It’s been more than a decade since human resources guru David Ulrich told HR professionals they needed to give value or give notice.

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Skills and Talents that Drive Internal Communication

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence is honoured to provide excerpts from four senior communication professionals and their point of view.

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Employee Engagement or Employee Advocacy?

Employee engagement has grown far beyond the common definition, moving toward employee advocacy.

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Internal Communication Comes Of Age

For too long internal communications was the Cinderella of the communication profession.

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Disrupting the Function of IC

The internal communication profession faces turbulent times and the role of IC practitioners may well be at a turning point.

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The Evolution of Internal Communication

The playing field is shifting for internal communication as employees find their voice. How does this change the role for internal communication professionals?

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The Irony Of Internal Communication

How self-aware are we in our ability to achieve everything we stand for as a profession? Does the communication team effectively communicate as a team?

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Internal Communication: Pay Attention To The Five "I's"

Internal communication has to be more than writing the newsletters and updating an intranet, it needs to affect business outcomes and engage employees.

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Are You Really Communicating or Just Making a Lot of Noise?

The definition of communication is that a message is sent and received. Here are five tips to help you communicate successfully.

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