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The emotional journey of change

Reaction during change is a given, it's the time it takes that has the biggest impact, to an individuals state and the bottom line for the organisation.

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Why real communication is needed more than ever

We are in a time of unprecedented change, where we are constantly asking our employees and customers to follow us into uncharted territory.

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What is AI?

Right now, AI is the term on everyone’s lips. It’s fascinating the entire world, including those of us in the communication profession.

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I'm not beeping happy

Excited about AI? Then think again. This monologue provides a new take on AI and Industry 4.0. It’s a terrifying(?) view of the future written by Wayne and Connor Aspland (with a hat-tip to Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster).

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The 12 steps to strategic internal communication planning

Here are 12 steps that will help your communication efforts drive business results, build your reputation and earn you the role of trusted advisor and business partner.

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Get off the sidelines and into the game

Most communication professionals thrive on activity rather than producing business results and that puts them at risk.

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What's in a name? The quest to define journalism

Scholars and practitioners argue whether there is one, or multiple definitions, or whether journalism is an art, craft or science. The boundaries of journalism are becoming less discrete, as various ‘actors’ – journalists, citizens, hackers, data scientists, algorithm machines and platforms – interact in order to produce and disseminate information.

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The four things we know about communicating AI

There’s a lot we don’t know in these early days of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are, however, four things we do know. Understanding them could make a big difference to the way you approach AI moving forward.

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When Adding Value Is Real

A narrow view of communication makes it difficult to drive business results and create value.

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